Residential Solar Panel Installation in San Diego

Installing solar panels is quickly becoming one of the most popular home modifications people in San Diego are making, and with good reason. Going solar in San Diego helps homeowners save significantly on their energy costs while reducing their carbon emissions and bettering the planet. When you’re ready to go solar, make CES San Diego your first choice.

Is Solar Installation Right for My Home?

Solar panels can be installed on almost any house. If the following applies to you, you can join the thousands of happy solar energy users in San Diego:

  • You own your home
  • Your roof receives ample sun exposure between 9am and 4pm
  • Your monthly utility bill is high


How You Can Afford Solar Panel Installation in San Diego

While installing residential solar panels is a worthwhile investment for many homeowners in San Diego, at CES, we understand not everyone can shoulder the full cost of solar panel installation upfront. To make solar energy affordable for all local homeowners, we offer long-term financing options, leasing options, and help clients understand the various tax credits and incentives available to San Diego homeowners who install solar panels.

Reach Out to the Trusted Solar Experts Today

If you’re ready to take the next step, reach out to CES San Diego today. One of our experienced and trusted solar specialists in San Diego can answer your questions, further discuss affordability, and provide you with a free estimate. Give us a call today at 1-855-45-COAST and discover why everyone is going solar.