Important Questions to Ask Your Solar Company

How to Know What Questions to Ask to Your Solar Company in San Diego, CA

Installing solar panels for your home is an excellent choice for many homeowners. But it’s a big decision and not one most people enter into lightly. Put your mind at ease by asking your solar company these questions before you sign on the dotted line. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Solar Panels?

Chances are, most companies are going to say, “Yes, of course!” But it’s important to pay attention to the why. A company should be able to explain why your home can support solar panels and estimate how much energy you’ll be able to generate, and in turn estimate your immediate and long-term savings. 

What Will This Cost?

Make sure to get a fair estimate from the company you’re working with and be sure you understand all the costs associated, as well as anything that could lead to an unexpected jump in cost. The overall cost will depend on the size of your home, how much energy you currently use, the type of solar system you purchase, and how many solar panels you need. 

What If I Can’t Afford It Out of Pocket?

For customers who want to purchase solar panels but can’t afford to pay for them out of pocket, financing your solar panels is a great option. Most companies work with government programs that help homeowners afford the upgrade. Many programs also offer no down payment and low or no financing options. 

Will the Panels Damage My Home?

Solar panels can be installed on just about any roof. Provided they are installed by solar panel professionals in San Diego, there should be no damage during the installation process. Many solar panels are also able to withstand serious storms and even hurricane strength winds. 

How Long Does It Take to Install Them?

This again depends on your home’s size and how many panels you want or need. It also depends on the local utility provider since homeowners need to get the “okay” before actually installing the panels. Typically, it can take anywhere from one to three months.

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