What You Need to Do Before Installing Solar Panels

What To Follow Before Istalling Solar Panels in San Diego, CA

San Diego solar panels will save the average homeowner about $50 a month in utility costs. While this is definitely a good thing, enjoying such savings involves more than simply placing panels on your roof. There are some other equally important considerations.

Determine If Your Roof Can Handle Panels

Solar panels weigh about 23 pounds each, although the total weight will be evenly distributed. Most new roofs are designed to support this additional weight. If you have an older roof, have it inspected first to make sure it can handle the pressure.

Conduct an Energy Audit

Solar panels for homes aren’t going to add to up to significant savings if you have other sources of inefficiency in your home. Perform an energy audit to determine if there are other ways you can make your home more energy efficient to enhance your savings, such as replacing worn caulking around windows and checking for drafts.

Choose Your Preferred Solar Energy

Solar energy can be either photovoltaic or thermal. The more common of the two, photovoltaic technology, involves the use of cells to convert sunlight into electricity. Thermal technology transforms sunlight into heated air or water for use inside of your home. If you have high heating costs or don’t rely on natural gas, thermal can be a smart investment.

Figure Out Your Grid Connections

Contact your local power company to find out what specifically you’ll need to do to draw from the grid once your panels are installed. Depending on where you live, you may be entitled to reimbursement for surplus solar power, a system known as net metering.

Determine If You Want to Lease or Buy

Leasing is cheaper upfront, but the company may take away your system once the lease is up. If you buy, you’ll pay more, but it’s an investment that will likely pay for itself over time. Figure out your budget to determine which option makes sense for you.

As for the actual installation process, it can usually be done within a day depending on the specific set-up you’ve selected. Your installer will go over the specifics and answer any questions you may have in advance of scheduling the installation. Learn more about how much you can save by going solar when you call CES San Diego at 1-855-45-COAST today.