Top 10 Pro-Solar Tweets

Best Tweets Regaridng Pro-Solar in San Diego, CA

Harnessing the power of the sun has many potential benefits. While solar energy will require an initial investment, it’s one that can easily pay for itself over time. Making the case for going solar does, however, take some convincing. This is more effective when delivered in the form of short, direct pro-solar messages via Twitter. Below are the top 10 tweets about solar energy.

1. “Africa and Australia have the greatest solar energy potential in the world.” – Dulas Ltd.

2. “Canada just made history, putting a price on carbon. It’s a big step for transitioning the world to solar and wind.” – Inovateus Solar

3. “If solar can do it in cloudy UK, can do it anywhere: Solar outstrips coal past six months of UK electricity generation.” – Mark Z. Jacobson

4. “Since 2008, the cost of five clean energy technologies has declined between 40% and 94%.” – EnergyFactCheck

5. “Solar panels will lower energy by 22% and reduce the school’s carbon footprint by 950 metric tons a year.” – Terry McAuliffe, VA Governor

6. “More than 75 percent say next president should speed the adoption of renewable energy.” – Solar Energy News

7. “No surprise CA has most solar jobs in the United States…” – Sallan Foundation

8. “Solar energy will bring about a positive environmental impact and what a wonderful impact it will be!” – Surinder Singh

9. “Wind and solar made up over half of all new electricity generation capacity in 2015.” – Live Positive Works

10. “Solar Energy will impact the African economies in a very positive way; creating better Health, knowledge and jobs.” – Richard de Jeu 

Initial costs of solar energy can be offset by leasing necessary equipment rather than buying it, which also means access to maintenance and other perks. Look into possible tax breaks and whether or not you can participate in a program where you get reimbursed for excess solar power you produce.

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