Easy Ways to Boost Your Energy Efficiency

Energy Savings Tips in San Diego, CA

You’ve decided to install solar panels in San Diego, but why stop there? There are a number of other ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency. Conduct an energy audit to uncover areas of your property that could benefit from some attention. 

Check the Seals

Go around your house and check the seals of the doors and windows. Leaks around the doorframes let cold air seep into the house, increasing your heating bill in the winter. It also lets cold air out in the summer, forcing the A/C to work harder and driving up your electric bill. 

Check Insulation

By some estimates, half of the homes in the country aren’t properly or sufficiently insulated. Insulation helps keep the home at a reasonable temperature year round and, like checking the seals, can help keep heating and cools costs down. 

Get a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable smart thermostat can help homeowners save as much as 10 percent on cooling and heating bills and often pay for themselves in just a few short months. Smart thermostats also let you control your heating and cooling when you aren’t home, which means you won’t forget to turn off the A/C and leave it running all day while no one is home. 

Replace Windows and Doors

Fixing leaking windows may not be enough. If it’s in the budget, replacing old windows with high-efficiency models will help lower monthly electric bills. You can also replace your doors, but the professionals suggest solid wood over hollow aluminum, which will let air pass straight through. 

Replace HVAC Systems and Water Heaters

After making sure your home is sealed and insulated, replace your old outdated HVAC systems with a new and energy-efficient model. You can also get a new energy-efficient water heater. Most water heaters account for anywhere from 15 to 25 percent of energy use each year, so an updated water heater can significantly lower electric bills. 

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