Going Solar 101

Understanding Solar Energy in San Diego, CA

Over the next two years, the amount of solar power used throughout the U.S. is expected to double, or so says the Solar Energy Industry Association. Aside from being better for the environment and economy, going solar offers a number of benefits for homeowners, too. If you’re considering contacting a San Diego solar company to install solar panels, here is everything you need to know in a nutshell. 

How Do the Panels Work?

We’ll try to put this in simple terms, since not everyone is a scientist. The sun hits a solar panel and the photons from the sun are captured by the silicon cells that make up the solar panel and are converted into energy. All solar systems have an inverter, which converts the solar energy into the kind of energy you use in your home. 

What Does It Cost?

It’s hard to give a definitive answer for how much residential solar systems cost because it depends on how many panels you need, the type of panels you get, the type of solar system you purchase, how big your roof is, how much sun your roof receives, as well as how much energy you use. There are other things to consider, too, like tax credits and incentives that can significantly offset the out-of-pocket costs, as well as financing options that can make it more affordable for people who can’t pay as much upfront. 

How Many Do I Need?

Again, this depends on quite a few factors. The most important things to consider are how much of your roof is useable, the climate in your area and how much sunlight you receive, and how much energy your family uses. You can start by looking at past electric bills to get an average of how much energy your family uses. This will give you a baseline. It’s important to remember that not all solar panels will be functioning optimally at all times and many professionals suggest adding 25 percent to your baseline as a cushion.

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